If you...
  • value staying present on your wedding day and soaking up every moment 
  • want to spend your day loving on your guests and feeling their love for you
  • admire a photos that capture who you really are and what actually happened

...then hi, I'm Jess!

I’m more than just a wedding photographer in Virginia, I’m your own personal storyteller.

By approaching each day with intentional curiosity, I provide observation-based, photographic evidence that reflects your true love story exactly how you lived it (down to the very last detail). I promise that you will receive artful, true-to-you images that are bursting at the seams with your REAL emotions, REAL moments, and REAL memories.


a little bit

your personal storyteller

I'm here to serve in every way possible. Need advice on planning? I gotchu. Need coffee cause you didn't sleep? Just send me a text. Consider me your personal assistant, emergency seamstress, family drama negotiator, grandma catcher (true story ;D), and dedicated narrator. From the moment you inquire until your very last photo has been delivered (and beyond), I'm dedicated to serving you and your sweetheart.

People matter more. You & your guest experience come first. If Grandma can't see, I'll move and get the shot from a different angle. I promise I won't steal you away from your guests for hours to take photos. I won’t interrupt an irreplaceable moment to get a “perfect shot." I'm here to document your day as it naturally unfolds.

The golden rule: I treat your day, your photos, and your experience with as much care and attention to detail as if they were my own. You deserve to have a photographer in your corner who is looking out for YOU and YOUR best interests. 

as a Virginia wedding photographer, I LIVE TO EXCEED EXPECTATIONS

Documentary style photography is an immersive experience of curiosity and observation.

You're a human engaging in one of the greatest joys of life - getting married! Whether you believe it or not, you DO already know how to look and act on your wedding day. You know how to laugh, cry, and take in the world around you. As your Virginia and destination wedding photographer, I'm here to provide evidence of all this in a way that will spark true and honest memories for the rest of your life.

Because your grandparents are getting older...BECAUSE everyone you love IS ABOUT TO BE under one roof...because these FLEETING moments deserve to be remembered for a lifetime.

If you love and value...
  • EXCELLENT customer service & client experiences
  • a photoshoot that's actually just your ideal date night
  • spending uninterrupted time with your loved ones
  • making a game plan but letting things unfold naturally
  • the sacredness of marriage - it's more than a piece of paper!
  • a photographer that takes the time to get to know you, is professional, quick on their feet, works GREAT with others, detailed oriented, and 100% committed to your best day ever
...then we're going to get along great!


I started my photography business in 2018 and have since documented weddings all over the country and internationally.

I graduated college in 2020, and spent 3 years in corporate marketing. In the fall of 2022, my husband, Jairus, and I decided it was time to take the leap of faith and pursue photography full time, so I quit my corporate job on January 3rd of 2023. 

Since then, I've served the some of the most amazing couples on their best day ever. In order to provide the best possible experience for my clients, I only take on 25 weddings a year, and I'm almost fully booked for 2024 and already booking for 2025!

my story as a travel wedding photographer

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Fun facts

Isle of Skye in Scotland!
From the rolling green hills, to the giant castles, to the incredible hiking,  Scotland has stolen my heart and made me a Europe girly for sure.

favorite place


My husband, Jairus! - One morning during the summer of 2019, I walked into a local coffee shop and locked eyes with the cute barista behind the counter. He took my order and asked me about my life--turns out he did wedding photography too! He asked me out, and then we got married in June of 2021. Jairus is my best friend, second shooter, and does my taxes!

favorite Person


I'm a professional seamstress - I spent over 15 years learning how to sew from scratch, do alterations, costume for plays, and I even made my best friend's prom dress! I've even saved a few bridesmaids and brides on their wedding day with emergency fixes and alterations.

hidden talent


Quiet time with the Lord - I'm not a routine girly, but I've learned I simply can't function properly with out a dedicated morning devotion time. There are so many things I love to do, but there is nothing that makes me feel like I'm living out my purpose than spending time in the Word of God and prayer.

What's most important to me


Good ol' Wisconsin, but I've lived in Virginia for the most formative years of my life, so I consider it home sweet home!

where i grew up


Sushi or a Lox Bagel - I joke I have an omega-3 deficiency for the amount I eat these foods.

Favorite FOOD


Jairus & I are both full time entrepreneurs, so when we're not working (which is pretty much all the time cause we love it), you'll find us road tripping to the mountains, catching a plane to another country, or hanging out with friends at our favorite coffee shops & bars. 

Life lately

I think I like this little life...

Just a SENTIMENTAL extrovert who loves jesus, people, and LOVE

If you've made it this far, I'd be willing to bet we're a killer match for each other! Click that "inquire" button to kick off the conversation!

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